Patient Rights & Privacy

At Baton Rouge General Physicians, we are committed to keeping your personal health information confidential and secure as well as informing you of the rights and responsibilities you have as a patient. We have developed numerous mechanisms and processes to maintain confidentiality. Unless specifically authorized by law, you have the right to determine what information the hospital will release about you. 

Baton Rouge General Physicians (“Physician”) has developed policies, which they will follow regarding your health information received while providing healthcare at the Physician’s office. This notice explains how the Physician will use your protected health information.

This notice describes how information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

Baton Rouge General Physicians Joint Notice of Privacy Practices

You have the right to access healthcare which includes:

  • Receiving treatment without discrimination as to age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, diagnosis, source of payment or sexual orientation.

You have the right to participate in your care which includes:

  • Having a family member or representative of your choice and your physician notified promptly of your admission to the hospital.
  • Being informed about and participating in decisions regarding your care; to include a surrogate decision maker in the decision making when you are unable to make decisions for your care, treatment or services. This information shall include the possible risks, burdens and benefits of the procedure or treatment.
  • Consent to or decline to participate in research, investigation and clinical trials.
  • Requesting a second opinion regarding any treatment. If your insurance does not cover this cost, you will be responsible for payment.
  • The right to prepare advance directives and have clinic staff follow those directives.

You have the right to information regarding your care which includes:

  • Knowing the name and the roles of the people treating you.
  • Being informed of your health status, diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Knowing about clinic billing policies that affect your charges and payment options. For questions regarding your bill or to pay your bill:

You have the right to maintain your dignity which includes:

  • Receiving considerate and respectful care in a clean and safe environment.
  • Privacy and confidentiality during consultation, examination, treatments and discussions concerning your diagnosis and treatment. Your treatment records are confidential unless you have given permission to release information or reporting is required by law. You may review your medical record upon written request.

Your responsibilities as a patient are to:

  • The best of your knowledge, provide accurate and complete information about present and past medical conditions.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by the physician or to inform your doctor if you believe you cannot follow through with your treatment.
  • Be considerate and respectful of the rights and needs of other patients and healthcare workers. This includes being sensitive to noise level, respectful of others property, and abiding by the smoke-free environment.
  • Provide the clinic with your most current Advance Medical Directive if you have one.
  • Assure that financial obligations of your healthcare are fulfilled.

Each of our more than 4,000 employees is personally committed to providing every patient with a quality, caring experience while at Baton Rouge General.

Likewise, if we have fallen short of what you feel is acceptable, we want to learn more about your experience. To lodge a concern or grievance about care or service provided while at the Baton Rouge General please call:

      Mid City Administration: (225) 387-7767
      Bluebonnet Administration: (225) 763-4040

Patient representatives are available during regular business hours and will return your call as soon as possible. If you wish to speak to someone after regular office hours, please request to speak with the House Supervisor.

If your concerns have not been addressed or resolved, you may report those concerns to the following:

     Licensing Agency:
     Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals
     Health Standards Section
     PO Box 3767, Baton Rouge, LA 70821
     Local: (225) 342-0138
     Toll Free: (866) 280-7737

     Accrediting Agency:
     The Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring 
     Toll Free: (800) 994-6610